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So wed and thurs were COMPLETELY exhausting. Drew has class at 8 and I was gone before he even left. It was sad. And didnt get back until late both nights. It was cool though. I have friends there now. We had our little transfer groups they split us up in. We all just followed each other around and ended up hanging out the whole time. They are all living in the dorms though. So we went to the dorms. And I cant beleive how strict they are here. I have been in soooo many different colleges dorms and like here you have tosign people in and shit even if they just come and then leave. I have heard those rules before...but never saw them go by it. It crazy.
Its pretty big. We walked and walked and walked allllll day long both days. They had free stuff everywhere and fairs. And even a party/dance in the huge orientation tent. but I left I was so tired. and The music was so loud. IT was CRAZY>! but fun in a was. Free meals and food.
But hey we all got each others numbers. There are people from all over. From new york and from UConn. and other states.
I know people on campus now though. and like one commuter.
I also am working at a vet this week to see how it goes. I just called them though about my schedule....I failed to tell them that I am cheering. and about how its always at night and the earliest I will have anything is 5pm. I asked them if this would be a conflict.
Because when I emailed the guy i was saying how i am in school...i wouldnt be full time and i didnt know if he wanted to work with that.
So i made it completely clear that I am going to school FULLTIME...17 hours. And whatever and still working at the CB on the weekends. It sounds like hes pretty demanding. But its like thats why I wrote my email like that. If he doesnt want to hire me because of hours and stuff I completely understand. But I dont want him to give me all this and like I dunno...
I am just starting to have second thought about it. Like yea I may be broke just working at the CB on weekends but I dont want to die of exhaustion!!! Like I have morning classes....and then going straight to the vet and then going straight to school again for practice. and then coming home and studying...which may be hard being completely exhausted!
I just dont know right now...I should have waited to consider the job thing. at least until school started. cuz now I will be starting the job on my first day of school...monday.

After orientation our little clique was eating and we were like man i cant beleive its finally over. And we were all like oh my god i feel like i have known you forever!! It was hilarious...and very VERY weird.

But its exciting.
I am just so tired. I am a night owl...everyone knows that. And i was in bed by 12 asleep!
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